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I am a research and teaching associate at the Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems Group at the University of Oldenburg (UOL). My recent research focuses on Social Techologies, and wearable Augmented Reality.
Prior to joining UOL I have been a research assistant at the University of Passau. I studied Media Informatics at Ludwig Maximilians Universität Munich (Germany) where I received the degree "Bachelor of Science" in 2010 and "Master of Science" in June 2013. During my master's I have been working part time as a student trainee at the Research & Development Department of metaio GmbH (now part of Apple Inc.).
In my free time, I enjoy outdoor sports, including running, cycling, mountaineering, and skiing. On rainy days I love 3D printing, hardware hacking and sketching.


Recent Projects and Papers

Julian Steil, Marion Koelle, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll, Andreas Bulling:

PrivacEye: Privacy-Preserving Head-Mounted Eye Tracking Using Egocentric Scene Image and Eye Movement Features

ETRA'19 (Denver, Colorado, USA)

As first-person cameras in head-mounted displays become increasingly prevalent, so does the problem of infringing user and bystander privacy. To address this challenge, we present PrivacEye, a proof-of-concept system that detects privacy-sensitive everyday situations and automatically enables and disables the first-person camera using a mechanical shutter. [...]

Marion Koelle, and Susanne Boll:

Privacy Mediation Cards


Engineering socially-acceptable, privacy-preserving cameras requires a careful selection from a range of available privacy-mediating procedures. Unfortunately, knowledge about these procedures is not readily available for non-experts, which hinders public discussion, as well as participatory and interdisciplinary design. In this work, we introduce a tool, an illustrated card deck, that makes this knowledge accessible for stakeholders with varying technical background and serves as a facilitator for participatory design sessions. [...]

Marion Koelle, Swamy Ananthanarayan, Simon Czupalla, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll:

Your Smart Glasses' Camera bothers me! - Exploring Opt-in and Opt-out Gestures for Privacy Mediation

NordiCHI'18 (Oslo, Norway)

Bystanders have little say in whether they are being recorded by "always-on" cameras. One approach is to use gestural interaction to enable bystanders to signal their preference to camera devices. Since there is no established gestural vocabulary for this use case, we explored gestures to explicitly express consent (Opt-in) or disapproval (Opt-out) in a particular recording. [...]

Marion Koelle, Katrin Wolf, Susanne Boll:

Beyond LED Status Lights - Design Requirements of Privacy Notices for Body-worn Cameras

TEI'18 (Stockholm, Sweden)

Privacy notices aim to make users aware of personal data gathered and processed by a system. Body-worn cameras currently lack suitable design strategies for privacy notices that announce themselves and their actions to secondary and incidental users, such as bystanders, when they are being used in public. Hypothesizing that the commonly used status LED is not optimal for this use case, due to being not sufficiently understandable, noticeable, secure and trustworthy, we explore design requirements of privacy notices for body-worn cameras. [...]

Marion Koelle, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll:

Are you hiding it? Usage Habits of Lifelogging Camera Wearers

MobileHCI'17 (Vienna, Austria)

We investigate whether users of those devices prefer to wear them openly or in a concealed, less obtrusive manner. We discuss the camouflage of lifelogging cameras based on results from an online study (N=117), including the why (not) and how as well as qualitative insights on how social contexts influence usage habits. [...]

Marion Koelle, Abdallah El Ali, Vanessa Cobus, Wilko Heuten, and Susanne Boll:

All about Acceptability? Identifying Factors for the Adoption of Data Glasses

CHI'17 (Denver, Colorado, USA)

Innovations often trigger objections before becoming widely accepted. This paper assesses whether a familiarisation over time can be expected for data glasses, too. [...]


Marion Koelle, Matthias Kranz, and Andreas Möller:

Don't look at me that way!: Understanding User Attitudes Towards Data Glasses Usage.

MobileHCI'15 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Data glasses do carry promising potential for hands-free interaction, but also raise various concerns amongst their potential users. In order to gain insights into the nature of those concerns, we investigate how potential usage scenarios are perceived by device users and their peers. [...]


Jie Song, Fabrizio Pece, Gabor Sörös, Marion Koelle, and Otmar Hilliges:

Joint estimation of 3D hand position and gestures from monocular video for mobile interaction.

CHI'15 (Seoul, Korea)

We present a machine learning technique to recognize gestures and estimate metric depth of hands for 3D interaction, relying only on monocular RGB video input. We aim to enable spatial interaction with small, body-worn devices where rich 3D input is desired but the usage of conventional depth sensors is prohibitive due to their power consumption and size. [...]

Andreas Möller, Matthias Kranz, Stefan Diewald, Luis Roalter, Robert Huitl, Tobias Stockinger, Marion Koelle, Patrick Lindemann

Experimental Evaluation of User Interfaces for Visual Indoor Navigation

CHI'14 (Toronto, Canada)

We implemented a novel UI for visual localization, consisting of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) views that actively communicate and ensure localization accuracy. If necessary, the system encourages the user to point the smartphone at distinctive regions to improve localization quality.


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I have been reviewing papers, and posters for several conferences, and symposia, including   UIST'18 CHI'14  CHI'15  CHI'18   ISMAR'14  ISMAR'15  ISMAR'16  ISMAR'17  ISMAR'18   TEI'14  TEI'15  TEI'16  TEI'17  TEI'18   MobileHCI'16  MobileHCI'17  MobileHCI'18   NordiCHI'18   DIS'17  DIS'18   VRST'17   PerDis'15   Ubicomp'16   MUM'13  MUM'16  MUM'17   Academic Mindtrek'16  and  Academic Mindtrek'17.

I also have been acting as referee for journals, such as Interacting with Computers, and IMWUT, as well as Hans-Riegel-Fachpreise.

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