The Privacy Mediation Cards

A Participatory Design Tool for Respectful Wearable Camera Devices

Wearable camera devices such as smart glasses provide exciting possibilities, but also raise concerns about bystander privacy. While there is a range of technical opportunities that enable privacy mediation between wearable camera devices users and bystanders, these options are often not well communicated. Yet, making them availbale to non-experts (e.g., citizens) or domain experts with non-technical backgrounds (e.g., from political or social science) is essential for a vivid discussion and participatory design.

To enable participatory design, we developed the Privacy Mediation Cards, a dedicated card deck that provides a structured overview of conceptual and state-of-the-art procedures and technologies for privacy mediation. The card deck targets experts and non-experts with varying technical background, and succeeds in facilitating participatory design sessions.

The Privacy Mediation Cards were develped as part of the BMBF project ChaRiSma and are available as print-on-demand and as PDF via Github.


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Card Deck

  • Card Deck
  • Marion Koelle, and Susanne Boll.
  • Privacy Mediation Cards
  • ISBN: 978-3-00-061565-8, 2019.